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Positive Experiences in Germany with Main Inspection Adapter

Moving towards "Main Inspection 4.0"

13. Sep 2016

  • Vehicle inspections are developing alongside vehicle technology
  • Around half of German cars can now be inspected using the device
  • Waiting for binding regulations on data to be supplied by the manufacturer

The expert organization DEKRA reported positive results nearly a year after the Main Inspection Adapter was introduced as part of periodic vehicle inspections in Germany. At the automechanika trade show in Frankfurt, Dr. Gerd Neumann, Chairman of the Management Board of DEKRA Automobil GmbH, said: “The general inspection adapter is an important first step in the inspection of electronic systems. However, this is really only the beginning.”

Given the rapid development of vehicle technology – for instance, in the area of electronic assistance systems – vehicle inspections need to keep up. “In the next five to ten years, we will need to develop something like ‘Main Inspection 4.0,’” said DEKRA’s Managing Director. “Ensuring that vehicles are safe for traffic and environmentally friendly throughout their service life requires as a key element efficient modern electronic system testing – especially in the case of networked vehicles.”

Inspection organizations are working with the authorities and FSD Fahrzeugsystemdaten GmbH on the constant development of general inspections. “Additional functions will be added gradually,” said Dr. Neumann. This also requires an improvement in the way data is supplied by the vehicle manufacturer. “Binding rules in this area are to be expected. These are key requirements for the future of vehicle inspections.”

FSD issues vehicle-specific testing requirements, additional information and instructions for main inspections. Today, there is potential in the use of Main Inspection Adapters among 45% of all cars for built-in electronic system tests, 55% of all cars for brake inspections and 25% of all cars for light inspections.

Although the Main Inspection Adapter uses the same vehicle interface as the diagnostics in the car repair workshop, there are key differences here according to DEKRA’s Managing Director: “In terms of functionality, the Main Inspection Adapter is tailored to the requirements of the main inspection. The goal is to identify defects – no more, no less.” By contrast, diagnostics seek to determine the cause of these defects so that they can be fixed. “That is the car repair workshop’s job,” said Dr. Neumann.

“Of course, it is important that the workshop can simulate the results of the test with the main inspection adapter in order to prepare for the main inspection or perform repairs. It must be compatible for both cases,” explained DEKRA’s CEO. “At the same time, the established separation between testing and repair in terms of organization and staff is crucial.”

Press contact:

Wolfgang Sigloch

Press officer Automotive


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