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Metallographic testing

The finest analysis – not just for metallic material

Metallographic testing methods

Metallographic examinations are used in a variety of ways in damage analysis. Classic metallography consists of cutting sections through the sample, embedding it in synthetic resin, grinding and polishing the surface until it is smooth. This allows the observation of very fine structures under the light-microscope with a magnification of up to 1000x. Even larger magnifications can be achieved with the scanning electron microscope, supplemented with the microanalytical determination of the surface using the connected EDX system.

DEKRA offers you this and more examination procedures in our own testing laboratory, accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO/EC 17025. Here, we analyze the mechanical and chemical microstructure of metallic materials, metal-ceramic composites, hard metals and special materials. Jobs completed on schedule and based on time and cost requirements are just as self-evident to us as preparing professional reports and advice.

DEKRA offers you these services:

  • Light microscopic tests
  • Production of samples, structure tests and assessment
  • Creation of thin-sections and transmitted light microscopy
  • Classic and instrumented hardness test
  • Testing of galvanized steel pipes as a testing center recognized by the DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water)
  • Determination of chemical composition using spectral analysis or CS combustion
  • Analysis of the point of break
  • Damage analysis
  • Scanning electron microscopy with subsequent EDX analysis (SEM/EDX)
  • Field-emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM)
  • X-ray testing

We are pleased about your interest in our laboratory services.


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