Management of defleet workflow and logistics

Steer vehicles physical movements and control workflow breaking times.

Management of defleet workflow and logistics

Why do Management of defleet workflow and logistics exist ?

Automotive business implies vehicle physical movements between sellers and buyers, meaning unproductivity and residual value losses.

Your benefits?

  • Workflow breaking times decreasing
  • Vehicle residual value control
  • Centralized and fluid logistics processes
  • Quality and rapidity guarantee

Our services cover:

  • Steering during the vehicle life cycle steps: new, in use, purchased, used, sold
  • Vehicle movements real time tracking in the IT system
  • Automated flow or on request orders to logistician partners
  • Daily monitoring on vehicle localization


DEKRA is an expert in logistics steering with close to 1.2 million storage movements and 400 000 transport orders managed each year in Europe. As a full remarketing chain services provider, DEKRA Automotive Solutions doesn’t act like as a storage site or as a transporter, but has all skills to control, check and monitor de-fleet workflows. DAS acts like a referee, between its customer and providers of these ones. As a privileged partner to automotive B2B stakeholders, DAS puts forward 25 years of experience in logistic steering, with whom it has developed trust concretized by automated IT flows. Few competitors can propose the same service with a remarketing chain overview workflow.


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