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Services for machinery manufacturers

EC type examination, certification and support during the conformity assessment procedure

Services for machinery manufacturers

The DEKRA EXAM spectrum of services for machines extends from EC type examinations and the certification of machines to support during the conformity assessment procedure.

As a recognized body, DEKRA EXAM carries out EC type examinations and certifications for machines, systems and controls as well as sensors in accordance with annex IV of the Machine Directive. This includes:

  • Machines intended for the lifting of persons,
  • Vehicle hoists,
  • Machines for underground working
  • Logic units for safety functions (e.g. safety controls, sensors) as well as
  • safety devices for personnel detection (e.g. safety light grids, laser scanners)

All other machines which are subject to the Machine Directive but are not listed in annex IV may undergo a voluntary type examination and certification by DEKRA EXAM before coming into use to maintain the highest degree of safety.

Furthermore, we support you in carrying out the conformity assessment procedure and also in adjusting your quality assurance to suit the demands of annex X of the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.

DEKRA EXAM tests your applicable documents (declaration of conformity, risk assessment, operating manual, structural and software documents and other documents) for their conformity to the directive.

Machine and plant system assessments are carried out by our qualified experts.

Alternatively, we certify individual safety functions of a machine in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13849, DIN EN 62061 and DIN EN 61508 in terms of functional safety.

Auditing of quality assurance systems from 2010


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