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Loss Adjusters and Surveyors

Highly trained professionals in all Non Automotive areas like Property, Casualty, Marine and other areas

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To provide loss adjusting services to insurance companies worldwide

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Strong Focus on Innovation and Digitalized Services

We use the latest technologies and innovations to render our services in the most efficient way

DEKRA Loss Adjusters and Surveyors

We deliver an independent, globally uniform service with highly trained professionals in all areas such as property, casualty, and marine. We provide a diverse service portfolio from claims handling to more complex multidisciplined loss adjusting. Our adjusters maintain the highest professional standards at all times using the latest digital solutions.

We provide global coverage through our network of offices and offer a variety of specialist claims services. This combined expertise and knowledge means that we are able to put together teams ideally suited to handling your business, wherever in the world an assignment might be.

We operate worldwide from our head office in London where our various disciplines are provided for, either through direct handling or assisting our group-wide colleagues.

Our core values of commitment, reliability, flexibility and availability will always be central to providing our services to you. Our specialists expertly gather all of the relevant facts and report promptly, comprehensively and lucidly to our instructing principals. This process generally involves on-site inspections but we also employ the latest technology to survey damage remotely where this is the more appropriate option

Global presence and most adequate adjusters for the job. Our benefits are:

Our working fields:

Commercial and industrial

  • Energy
  • Construction All Risks
  • Engineering
  • Marine Ports & Terminals
  • Transit and Cargo
  • Business Interruption

Adjuster Experience

  • Construction, hydro and fossil fuel power projects
  • Renewable energy – solar and windfarms
  • Industrial fires, explosions including forensic investigation and BI
  • Telecommunication losses
  • Catastrophe management
  • Retail and warehouse and distribution enterprises
  • Hotel and leisure industries
  • Mining losses including collapse and infrastructure claims
  • Pre risk surveys including civil engineering, power and ports


Ecuador - Construction projects
UK & Europe - Fires; Office and Commercial
Catastrophe losses, power and hotels
Caribbean - utility, rotor failures
Latin America - Mining and Power facilities
Middle East & Africa - Port Surveys

Bankers’ Blanket Bond

  • Safe deposit box
  • Directors and officers
  • Errors and omissions
  • Commercial crime
  • Stockbrokers
  • Computer crime
  • Fidelity

Adjuster Experience

  • BBB, FI/PI, D&O, CIT, E&O,
  • Commercial Crime, Cyber Crime
  • Stock-Brokers Liability, Specie
  • Commercial PI, Contingency
  • Financial Guarantee
  • Products Liability
  • Medical Malpractice


Middle East - Product liability / recall – motor & food industries pollution – spillage from refinery
Dubai - PI loss to Investment House – Hotels, various slip & trip incidents, food poisoning and concession activities.

Products Liability

  • D&O
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Environmental
  • General Liability

Adjuster Experience

  • Solicitors, Architects and Engineers professional indemnity
  • Product liability
  • Product recall
  • Environmental spills
  • Hotels and leisure including food poisoning and concession activities
  • Construction projects Employers and General Liability


Middle East BB; Middle East and India various
Qatar - Fidelity loss to Bank
Panama / Mexico - CIT losses
Croatia - Commercial Crime


A complete audit service for all providers and risk carriers

Audits Underwriting & Claims

DEKRA has proven experience in claims consultancy and audit reviews for both reinsurers and direct underwriters. With our worldwide base of specialist knowledge, we are able to provide our clients with tailored solutions


we have conducted assignments involving :

  • claims reviews for reinsurers – ongoing and closed cases
  • claims service, bench marking and performance
  • binding authorities
  • cover holders
  • captives

Our Process Involves

  • Reviewing current internal and external systems, claims procedures and manuals
  • Identifying, checking and verifying diary systems
  • Reserving - review of its accuracy
  • Underwriting criteria, application of wordings and excesses
  • Recoveries
  • Payments - ingoing and outgoing
  • Technical appraisal


We recognise that assignments require sensitivity, diplomacy and tact. Our reports are tailored to meet our clients' requirements. They include:

  • Terms of reference of the audit process
  • Methodology
  • Findings and recommendations
  • Staff interviews
  • Analysis and comment on performance related issues in narrative, statistical and graph form
  • Customer feedback

Reference projects:

  • Underwriting audit in the Caribbean
  • Full underwriting and claims audit of cover holder in the UK
  • Full claims audit on major national account in Italy
  • insurer branch and product review

With a focus on risk mitigation and loss recovery

Business Interruption DEKRA

At DEKRA we understand that being proactive and establishing early control is key to the successful handling of any business interruption loss. In addition, we have significant experience in major energy losses and are fully conversant with the operation of power purchase agreements. Where appropriate, our team of loss experts work with selected expert forensic accountants to achieve the best possible outcome in this critical category of the insurance sector.


Business Interruption losses can be extremely complex and require a prompt and well-managed approach. Where required, we draw upon the expertise of specialists, including engineers and forensic accountants. We understand that we have an important role to play in identifying loss mitigation measures and savings. At the outset of our site investigations, we ensure that all critical production and financial data and marketing information are secured for analysis to determine the effects of the loss upon the business. By maintaining constant contact with the Insured and through regular team meetings, we monitor loss projection and keep our clients fully updated.


Our team of experts are familiar with

  • Operational risks and issues relating to advance profit and DSU claims
  • Standard difference wordings
  • Net profit plus standing charges
  • Dual basis and output method of calculation

Reference Projects:

We have dealt with major Business Interruption issues resulting from the following:

  • DSU issue following nomination on power plant construction project in the USA
  • Failure of a diesel engine at a power plant in the Caribbean
  • Windstorm damage to hotels and resorts in the Caribbean
  • Major furnace lining failure of smelter in the UK
  • Explosion damage in large Brazilian petrochemical plant

Worldwide catastrophe loss adjusting and business continuity services

DEKRA Catastrophe handling

DEKRA have a well-earned reputation for efficient and effective handling of catastrophes. We are pre nominated on a number of accounts in the event of a catastrophic event occurring and our cost-effective service has drawn positive client feedback from around the world.


We have developed a comprehensive response plan which can be customised to meet the specific requirements of each individual client. Key features of the response plan include:

  • Effective management of any catastrophe operation
  • Rapid mobilisation of our response team
  • Efficient handling of information flow and bordereau requirements
  • Strong communication and early reserving information


Our highly qualified team of adjusters, led by dedicated senior staff, have been handling individual catastrophe losses and managing team operations worldwide for many years.

Reference projects:

  • Major windstorm and earthquake catastrophes in Central America and Caribbean
  • Earthquakes in Chile and Mexico
  • Extensive hurricane damage in Belize and Cayman
  • Response to UK flooding

Claims handling

Our proven experience in dealing with property claims ranges from the local to the multi-national and includes a diversity of commercial business and industrial processes.

Key Features of Our Service Include

Identification of the key drivers enabling prompt reinstatement or repair

  • Early identification of loss mitigation areas
  • Focus on brand protection and business restoration
  • Co-ordination of effective reinstatement
  • Maximisation of business recovery from day one
  • Our dedicated team of specialists includes both ex-pat and local personnel who possess essential language skills and are able to identify important jurisdictional issues.


  • We provide clients with effective and robust management of all claims including early identification of recovery issues.

Uniform loss adjusting and management of worldwide accounts

Global Account Management

We provide services to single nationwide organisations as well as large multi-nationals. Whatever the size of client, we pride ourselves on offering a customised service that reflects the individual needs of the client.


Our clients benefit from:

  • Global account managers working with local specialists who are able to address the issues from a local perspective within a wider global framework
  • A proactive approach to handling claims, ensuring smooth and prompt conclusion of losses
  • Central point for collation and dissemination of information.

Reference Projects

  • Mining firm with global operations
  • International telecommunications companies
  • Retail operations with UK and international exposure
  • Power generation facilities for global power providers
  • Hotels and leisure

Professional indemnity

DEKRA specialises in professional indemnity assignments for all risk carriers. Our office network enables us to bring together local jurisdictional knowledge with expert technical ability.


DEKRA have handled PI and E&O claims for:

  • Financial institutions
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Insurance intermediaries
  • Surveyors
  • Stock brokers


We take a resource-based team approach to PI and E&O claims handling. Our professional indemnity adjusters possess a range of skills, including legal qualifications, which complement our in-house expertise in engineering, surveying, construction and related disciplines. We believe that our high standard of service and quality reporting set us apart from our competitors:

  • We undertake prompt and thorough investigation of causation
  • We are mindful of the sensitivities of the professionals involved
  • We assimilate all necessary contract documentation

Remote & On-Site loss adjusting

Our European offices and partner network across more than 50 countries worldwide are well-equipped to handle loss adjusting services relating to a number of areas, including marine, property, liability, casualty and more. In addition to our wealth of experience, DEKRA’s use of the latest innovative tools and technologies ensures that we keep our key customer promise in on-site or remote assistance. By using our solutions, you can be assured that our values - commitment, reliability, flexibility and availability - will always be key in rendering our service to your specific needs.

  • Depending on your objectives, by working with DEKRA you can draw on a number of loss adjustment services, including:
  • Property loss adjusting: loss adjusting services for commercial, industrial, residential and public property and buildings, power and engineering, business interruption, ports and terminals and much more
  • Marine loss adjusting: loss adjusting services related to ships, vessels, cargo, hull and machinery, pleasure crafts, inland marine and land base equipment
  • Liability loss adjusting: loss adjusting services related to liability in the field of personal liability, environmental liability, construction all risk, corporate liability, recall of goods and machinery breakdown, recall of goods to construction all-risk liability
  • Catastrophe Solutions: Our team can be made available wherever our presence is needed. What makes us unique is the fact that we can assess every kind of claim that occurs from a catastrophe; from property and personal injuries, up to the most complex industrial claims.
  • Other loss adjusting services across numerous areas, including travel, art, special events and a comprehensive range of catastrophe services

We bring together experienced risk survey personnel with a range of surveying, engineering and industry backgrounds.

The depth of our local, regional and International expertise has resulted in frequent requests from Insurers and Brokers to carry out risk surveys.


  • We customise our risk survey reports to meet the needs of each individual client. Our service encompasses:
  • Comprehensive full-risk evaluation exercises through to brief reports
  • One-off or ongoing processes
  • Full valuation including PML's as required
  • Follow-up process to ensure implementation of risk improvement measures
  • Global capability.

Reference Projects:

  • Power stations
  • Manufacturing industries including flour mills, plastics manufacture, brewing and distillers
  • Industrial
  • Public liability
  • Agricultural risks including coffee, sugar, banana plantations, citrus growing and processing
  • Hydro-electric project - Central America
  • Hotels - both property damage and liability risk exposures.

We provide up to date technical and developing topics for training and educational purposes

Seminars and training

  • The depth of our local, regional and international loss expertise has led to regular requests from insurers and brokers to develop training seminars and workshops for their staff.
  • Drawing on our experience, we can create industry workshops and educational forums, fully tailored to your business needs.
  • We can also produce in-house training for your teams, including the preparation of educational material and delivery of seminars at your site.
  • Our training can cover the broad base of loss adjusting and risk control, or specific technical aspects of losses that may affect your own risk portfolio.

Location & Contact

DEKRA Loss Adjusters & Surveyors

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EC2M 1GT London

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