ISO 14064 Certification

Reducing Greenhouse Gases with a Verification of Your Greenhouse Gas Declaration

By verifying/validating your greenhouse gas declaration, you ensure that you are operating sustainably and in compliance with the law while reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

Our experts help you submit a documented climate adaptation system so you can benefit from improved energy efficiency, cost savings and a better image as a sustainable company.
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Your ISO 14064 Verification/Validation at a Glance
To present a convincing environmental record to your customers, consumers and shareholders, it is important to efficiently record and communicate your greenhouse gas emissions. Your stakeholders expect your company to comply with environmental standards and demonstrate a commitment to reducing its environmental impact.
Our auditors draw on many years of interdisciplinary experience to safely guide you through the entire verification/validation process and review the status quo of your greenhouse gas declaration in five steps. Because ISO 14064 is applicable across all industries - from production to waste treatment – we are able to individually verify and validate your company according to its unique circumstance.
    1. Preliminary talk
    In a first meeting to get to know each other, we discuss your goals, talk about the areas of application, consider other general conditions and jointly determine the scope of the verification/validation.
    2. Preliminary assessment
    Based on the preliminary discussion, we plan the verification/validation in detail together with you. This includes a detailed schedule, which contains all documents needed and criteria for the following audit.
    3. Verification audit/validation audit
    During the audit, we verify your declarations according to ISO 14064-3 by examining your submitted documents and auditing at your site.
    4. Verification report and assessment
    We then evaluate the result and document it in an audit report. The preliminary result, including any non-conformities, is communicated to you in a final meeting. Appropriate corrective actions are determined.
    5. Verification statement (expert opinion)
    Provided that all requirements are met, we issue the verification/validation statement to you. This always clearly refers to the respective verified greenhouse gas report (GHG report).
    Your Independent Partner for Your Verification and Validation
    • Save time and reduce costs with our numerous locations and short digital communication channels.
    • Benefit from the many years of cross-industry auditing experience of our experts.
    • Secure the trust of your customers and business contacts for increased competitiveness with our DEKRA expert opinion.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is a greenhouse gas declaration?
    A greenhouse gas declaration, also called a greenhouse gas balance, is a documentation of the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that a company or organization has generated in a given period of time.
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