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Certification according to ISCC

ISCC certification of biomass and bioenergy

In support of generating energy and fuel from biomass to secure future global supplies, the EU established the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) (EU Directive 2009/28/EC) for sustainable production and processing.

ISCC provides a biomass and bioenergy certification system.

The benefits you get from the ISCC certification

  • Show responsibility towards sustainability

  • Improved national and international trade, opening the door to increased market potential

  • Demonstrate commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emission

  • Accordance to the Renewable Energy Directive

  • Conformity with globally accepted standards

ISCC certification

About ISCC certification

Our network of qualified and international auditors works with you to certify sustainable biomass for the production of biofuel and bioenergy. ISCC certification applies to each level of the supply chain.

Receive your ISCC certification in just 4 steps:

  1. Selection of a certification body cooperating with ISCC
    Conclusion of a certification contract which defines the time frame and content of the certification.
  2. Preliminary audit (optional)
    Preparation for certification and document review.
  3. Certification audit
    Our auditors check if the ISCC concept has been adequately incorporated in your company.
  4. ISCC audit report and certificate
    After successful completion, you will receive an audit report and an ISCC certificate. If your organization does not meet significant criteria of the ISCC standard, corrective actions must be implemented within 40 days and controlled by the auditor.

In the feed and food industries, we provide supplemental ISCC Plus certification, which allows producers and retailers to highlight their responsibility to sustainably manage their supply chains.

Gain from our expertise

  • Our ISCC certification covers farmers and agricultural traders, followed by oil and sugar factories, biodiesel and ethanol plants, and traders of biofuels.
  • Our experienced and independent experts provide optimal support for the ISCC certification of your organization.
  • We are a cooperating certification authority for ISCC Germany, ISCC EU, and ISCC Plus.

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