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HSE Management During Shutdowns and Maintenance Turnarounds

Safe, successful turnarounds and shutdowns

Safety challenges during shutdowns and turnarounds arise in part from the fact that personnel are often involved in non-routine tasks. In addition, external contractors are typically on site along with specialized equipment. Add to this the amount of work, number of tasks, time pressure and budget constraints, and it is no wonder that shutdown activities involve increased occupational and environmental risks.

Turnaround consulting and HSE support during shutdown
Turnaround consulting and HSE support during shutdown

Our consultants provide an extra layer of safety by sharing targeted expertise and bringing third-party HSE-supervision to the project. Our team of specialists helps you avoid risks and ensures safety and environmental compliance over the course of your turnaround. As a result, your project goes to schedule and your organization transitions smoothly back to regular operations.

Your Benefits

  • Access to unmatched HSE-expertise in turnaround management
  • Reduced risks, enhanced safety during shutdown projects
  • Compliance and reduced liability
  • Adherence to your turnaround timeline

Our Approach

Depending on the industry and the organization, our approach varies to meet the safety needs at hand. Some of the topics we consider together with our clients when designing a safety management plan for shutdowns and turnarounds include:

  • Assessment of potential risk areas and activities
  • Safety training or coaching needs for staff involved in the turnaround
  • Safety walks, monitoring and specialist advise on site
  • Check of safety related equipment during the turnaround / revision period
  • Our experts can be made available on-site during the overall working hours
  • DEKRA can provide experts with language knowledge suitable for your individual project (depending on availability)

We can also help you assemble a shutdown team with the proper technical and safety expertise to address the increased exposure to risk facing employees in a turnaround project. A pre-assessment of those risks is also included in our safety consulting services which culminates in the creation of a comprehensive risk management plan. Some of the hazards that, while they may exist during normal operations, become acute during a turnaround are:

  • airborne contaminants
  • personal falls
  • falling objects
  • slipping and tripping hazards
  • dangers around storage of gas/air cylinders
  • confined space entry and vessel ventilation hazards

With a third-party perspective and trusted expertise, these and other hazards can be effectively managed during a shutdown or turnaround.


  • We are seasoned HSE experts in turnaround management.
  • We have extensive experience ensuring safety during site shutdowns and turnarounds.
  • We specialize in customized approaches to safety that ensure turnaround success.

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