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Hazardous material classification

Safe transportation of waste, substances and mixtures

Hazardous material classification

In order to still be capable of giving correct advice on the transport safety of hazardous goods despite the lack of suitable documentation, we can provide tailored laboratory analyses to categorize pure substances, mixtures, products and waste in accordance with the Ordinance on the Transport of Hazardous Goods (GGVSEB). Our experts can determine the physical-chemical substance data that you require in order to perform a technical safety evaluation and for transport classification.

Determination of physical and chemical characteristics

  • Hazardous substance examination (ADR testing) of classes 2, 3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 8, 9
  • Solid / liquid differentiation (penetrometer)
  • Flash point
  • Self-sustaining combustion (continued combustibility)
  • Self-heating capability
  • Gassing rate
  • Corrosion tests

Other DEKRA services:

  • On-site sampling
  • Classification according to the UN handbook “testing and criteria”
  • Classification in accordance with CLP, ADR/IATA/IMDG, WGK, AVV, RID
  • REACH-based registration
  • Production of safety data sheets, labels and marketability certificates
  • Production of exposure scenarios and operating instructions

You can rely on DEKRA as a partner for all your hazardous substance needs concerning package labeling, storage and transport requirements. We carry out all the necessary testing, instruct your staff, assume the role of hazardous substances officer and help you develop an effective hazardous substances management system.

We are pleased about your interest in our laboratory services.


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