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Oil binders, chemical binders and grit

Meet quality requirements reliably

Oil binder

Compliance with quality requirements according to Sheet DWA-A 716-1 and DWA-A 716-9 (formerly LTwS no. 27) is recommended to enable users to compare oil binders.

DEKRA tests chemical and oil binders for use on roads, bodies of water, for industry and production. Oil binders recommended for use are included in the list of tested oil binders (immediate action in the event of accidents involving mineral oils – list of tested oil binders, formerly LTwS no. 15).

Initial and follow-up tests of oil binders are carried out by the accredited DEKRA laboratory. Your products can also be listed.

Range of services:

  • Oil binder testing according to Sheet DWA-A 716-1 and DWA-A 716-9 (former LTwS no. 27)
  • Requirements for "R"-oil binders for use on road surfaces
  • Grit (salt, de-icing salt)
  • Animal litter (e.g. cat litter)
  • Chemical binder testing
  • Chemical and physical analysis
  • Performance and product comparison tests
  • Compilation of safety data sheets
  • Occupational health assessment
  • Environmental properties

DEKRA supports you with comprehensible and meaningful test reports during product development and for quality assurance. Our experts will be happy to advise you.

We are pleased about your interest in our laboratory services.


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