Fire Testing

Enhanced safety for materials and products through our fire tests

If you store or process flammable substances, need to show compliance with product flammability rules or want to improve fire protection at your facility our fire and flammability testing lab can provide you with all of the critical data needed to meet your goals.

Consulting and testing for fire protection and inflammability.
Consulting and testing for fire protection and inflammability.

Fire testing encompasses an array of services and is used to develop the data on the flammability performance of textiles, plastics, fire extinguisher media, and other related materials. It is challenging, as there is no central agency or jurisdiction with exclusive authority for standards. As a result, a variety of analyses may be required to collect the data necessary for the certifications your company needs. We have the expertise and capacity to conduct the full range of fire testing, including:

Fire Research:

  • Basic fire research: Smoldering combustion, ignition, flame spread, etc.
  • Applied fire research: Test method development, project management, data analysis, etc.

Fire engineering and modeling:

  • Design and evaluation of buildings, safety parameters, fire loss prevention engineering, fire simulation, emergency egress, fire growth models and more.

Research testing for product development :

  • From materials to assemblies and beyond, we assist with proposals, feasibility studies, product development and modification in order to satisfy flammability, fire resistance, or other fire safety related requirements.

Full scale simulation testing:

  • Our simulation tests of fire scenarios reproduce and demonstrate the development of various phases or the entire process of a fire, from ignition until the fire is fully developed and extinguished.
  • Small, medium and full-scale testing.
  • For building, vehicle or furniture fires as well as in industrial and storage settings.

Comprehensive fire and flammability testing:

  • We ensure your products meet required standards and regulations.
  • Material behavior, ignition, vapor pressure, explosion severity, sustained combustibility, electrostatic hazards, dust explosion, energetic materials, DOT/UN/GHS materials characterizations and many more.

Customer Benefits

  • Meet flammability and fire protection requirements.
  • Access important data about flammable properties.
  • Maintain safety while developing new products or modifying existing products.
  • Evaluate and minimize risks.


  • Experience: We have an extensive and successful track record of assisting our clients in developing customized fire safety tests that suit their process materials and products.
  • Compliance expertise: Our staff conducts ASTM, NFPA and similar state and local standard tests at our designated fire laboratories and can advise you on issues related to compliance.
  • Cutting edge facilities: Our plant is 100 plus acres in size and is staffed by personnel with extensive experience in designing and conducting large-scale fire and safety testing and analysis for materials and systems.
  • Central location: Our large-scale custom fire and flammability testing services are conducted about 90 miles from Chicago, Illinois at our remote test site.

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