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Testing and certifying explosion protection

Various services as a European appointed body

Testing explosion protection

DEKRA EXAM is your competent partner for testing and certifying equipment, components and protection systems in potentially explosive areas. As European appointed body with the identification number 0158, our experts test and certify according to the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EC. DEKRA is also a certifying body (ExCB) and test laboratory (ExTL) in the global IECEx scheme for explosion-proof equipment and the measurement function of gas detectors.

DEKRA tests these products:

  • Electrical operating equipment
  • Non-electrical equipment
  • Autonomous protection systems
  • Testing and certifying plants

In addition, our experts test and certify safety, monitoring and control equipment, such as gas measuring equipment and gas detectors or monitoring equipment for pressurizing systems. DEKRA EXAM also carries out measurements and prototype tests upfront so that you can launch your innovations on the market quickly.

DEKRA is happy to support you if you have any issues regarding explosion protection, for example when evaluating old equipment or assessing cases of damage.


DEKRA Service Hotline

0800.333 333 3
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