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Expert Migration Healthcare

Expert Migration: Healthcare - A short overview above our healthcare program

DEKRA Expert Migration Healthcare provides foreign nurses to clinics, rehab centers and nursing homes in Germany - with recruitment through qualification.

Expert Migration: Healthcare

Our holistic approach combines a structured recruitment and training model, through which we lead international nursing staff to recognition as a nurse in Germany.

"Recruitment through Qualification" means the linguistic and professional preparation of already qualified nurses, part time in their home country. At the end our participants speak German B2 + nursing (telc-diploma) and pass the specialization examination for recognition. We take care of the necessary labor market approvals and visas in the background.

Success that is verifiable and sustainable: more than 2,000 foreign nurses are currently preparing for their job as nursing professionals in DEKRA's own schools in Serbia and Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Ukraine.

This year alone, we have placed about 750 foreign candidates who have achieved the status of a recognized nurse in Germany, and have successfully started work with their employer, one of 50 of our partners.

Best references, clear voices - our customer base includes renowned companies such as the Charité, Schön Klinik, Victor's, Kursana, Median Kliniken and others.

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Our approach: Recruitment through qualification

We think beyond national borders and provide you with access to a large pool of qualified professionals. We prepare these in their respective home country linguistically and professionally for the German job market.

Nurse Recruitment through qualification

Our pool of skilled workers is growing steadily. These include both first-time job seekers and nurses with many years of professional experience, some with skills in specific areas such as intensive care or surgery.

We offer security and respectability - for our participants and our customers. The nurses open up a legally secure route to Germany. Our standard process not only prepares you professionally for your job, we also organize the professional recognition procedure, the work permit and the issuing of the visa.

For you as an employer, we plan to get to know your future nursing staff personally in your home country - an important first step for all those involved, which will positively initiate the future integration process in Germany. You look each other in the eye, you get to know each other, you build trust. Our goal is to work with you in close partnership to find exactly those nurses who fit the needs of your company and who will feel at home with you.

With vocational training to Germany

Your future nurses will undergo 15-18 months of in-service training in their home country and finish their language training at our local schools with the certificate German B1-B2 + nursing (telc-diploma).

With vocational training to Germany

The professional training prepares them for the knowledge test to recognize the profession as a nurse in Germany.

Further education, which also means that the participants of our project at home are recognized nurses. Part time means that to pursue their livelihood many of them pursue their ancestral profession. Learning for Germany takes place at marginal times. In the evening, on weekends and on vacation.

We flexibly design the offer for our participants, for example through training sessions in "shift work", adapted to the respective working hours. The following applies: language and technical education are financed by the future employer. In addition, DEKRA grants interest-free loans for necessary fees and documents on the way to Germany.

There is hardly anything more. Accordingly, our overall package is attractive and successful for all those who want to start work as nurses in Germany in order to start a new professional and private future with real perspectives and social advancement. Nevertheless: a lot of energy, commitment and perseverance are needed, until it comes to the desired arrival.

Our offer: Models for your planning security

The causes for increased staffing requirements are manifold and not always predictable. Sometimes it is the opening of a new department, sometimes a training bottleneck or a high sick leave. We offer experienced and motivated candidates through various models.

Different delivery models define the number, frequency, and length of time you can welcome your new nurses - flexible, and appropriate to your workforce planning. Thus, gaps can be closed at very short notice or a defined number of new employees can be expected in defined periods.

Our deployment models

Take your HR planning on a new course and let us work together to find out which of our deployment models can best help you solve your staff shortages. Short, medium term, ad hoc. We look forward to you!

  • Quarterly: If you need several new employees or larger employee quotas, either once or at irregular intervals, in the coming months or 2-3 years.
  • Subscription: if you require a large amount of new employees on a monthly basis. This business model provides maximum planning security but is flexible enough to take into account seasonal factors of your facility or changes in demand.
  • Ad hoc need: when it "burns" and you need new staff at short notice. Due to external factors, especially visas, the lead time is at least three months.

Reference countries: Where do our participants come from?

What began years ago in Hungary with the model of undergraduate three-year training for school leavers has, with the approach of further training of already registered nurses, developed dynamically to several third countries.

Meanwhile, we offer our clients qualified nursing staff from almost all countries of the Western Balkans: from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo. Our network also includes Ukraine and the Philippines. Thus, we can offer our partners an international portfolio that is second to none.


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