Gender empowerment


EmpowHER is a dynamic training program tailored exclusively for the women of DEKRA, crafted by women for women. This initiative focuses on honing essential skills like leadership and communication, offering coaching, and fostering a supportive community. It provides the space to thrive in a network of like-minded women, fostering opportunities and valuable connections. The program spans approximately 6 months, conducted in small groups, ensuring personalized attention and growth.
Additionally, EmpowHER is available in 5 languages, catering to the diverse needs of our global workforce. EmpowHER not only equips DEKRA women for success but also promotes a culture of diversity and inclusion, celebrating the unique contributions of women across the organization.

Women‘s network

DEKRA has a had a women's network since 2022. In the DEKRA Women's Network, women exchange ideas, learn about internal programs and development opportunities, and are coached by experienced female colleagues.
Internal role models for women in a technical company are made visible. The aim is to make women more visible at all levels of the Group and ensure equal opportunities.
The topics range from work-life balance and new work to career development. As the voice of DEKRA's female employees, the Women's Network works closely with the Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion and provides regular updates to the Diversity Steering Committee.
In order to ensure constructive interaction within the Group, common core values apply in the Women's Network. These include positive communication, open exchange and respectful listening, inclusion and freedom from prejudice, active participation and meeting at eye level - regardless of hierarchical levels.