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E-Mobility Testing

DEKRA Expert Tip

The number of electromotive bicycles and mini electric vehicles on the roads is rising rapidly and thus also the requirements related to their safety. The new electric mini vehicle regulation now forms the legal basis according to which the manufacturers of these vehicles must complete comprehensive testing so that they may be moved on public roads. To this end, DEKRA has expanded its portfolio of mobility services to include this target group and is offering a full-service program.

At the new, recently commissioned EMC laboratory in Stuttgart, DEKRA tests safety from electromagnetic radiation, or, to be more precise, the disruption of external systems and its own system by electromagnetically induced radiation. The laboratory has several test rooms with a wide variety of measuring and testing technology, on which, in principle, the electromagnetic compatibility of all electrified small vehicles and mini vehicles, from e-bikes to segways, e-rollers, and hoverboards to three or four-wheeled delivery vehicles, can be tested under real conditions.

For example, output and brake effect can also be tested on roller dynamometers. Battery reach tests are also possible here as part of fit for use testing.

EMV Laboratory

The selection of the test points depends on the category into which the vehicle is to be grouped, i.e. machine, bicycle, L-vehicle, or electric mini vehicle. The testing must comply with, for example, the DIN EN 15194 standard. The safety test is to take place pursuant to the machinery directive or pursuant to the electric small vehicle regulation; the tests on the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of electrical and electronic products take place both pursuant to the EMC directive and pursuant to the road traffic law (ECE regulations).


Werner Leistner

Werner Leistner

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