Document storage and ownership transfer

Reduce costs of document management with industrialized storage and processing.

Document storage and ownership transfer

Why do Document storage and ownership transfer exist ?

Selling a vehicle means selling the object and its documents, but also the ownership transfer of each, from seller to buyer. The automotive business manages vehicles with documents: legal, commercial and technical. Storing and managing the ownership transfer of a vehicle require investment for sellers and buyers: a storage space, human resources, means, time to manage non-value-added operations.
Our goal: industrialize storage and ownership transfer operations.

Your benefits?

  • Non-core model operation outsourcing
  • Cost reducing
  • Certified service from national legal entities
  • Industrialized and secured management
  • Time saving

Our services cover:

  • Secured structures for document and vehicle removable element storage
  • Industrialized processes for reception, storage, and document sending
  • Detailed IT system for document tracking (movement type, deliverers, dates, actors)
  • Specialized teams to ensure SLAs and document conformity management
  • IT system connected to national property transfer legal entities


DEKRA is an expert in document storage with close to 2 million documents stored and 300 000 property transfers managed each year in Europe. Service managed by specialists on automated tools linked to tracking applications and legal entities.Capacity to manage big document volumes with a high-quality service level and with respect of SLAs.


Stéphanie Gautier

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