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DEKRA Info September 2018

baby in a child seat
Baby (safely) on board: Follow the manufacturer's instructions

Baby on board:

Young parents driving with a baby on board should look out for a few things so that everybody stays safe and as relaxed as possible during the journey. The fact that their little son or daughter needs to be transported in an infant carrier or a child seat should be self-evident. "These kinds of restraining systems must be approved in compliance with the ECE regulation 44/04," stresses DEKRA accident researcher Markus Egelhaaf. Whether they fulfill the statutory regulations is indicated by the orange-colored test certificate that has to be attached to the child seat.

"The best restraining system in the world is, however, of precious little use if the vehicle stops suddenly or is involved in an accident and the baby is not correctly secured", emphasizes the DEKRA expert. Young parents should therefore precisely follow the instructions in the baby seat user's manual.

As a baby's metabolism is still not capable of correctly regulating body temperature, it is important to ensure a pleasant environment in the vehicle. Nevertheless, the air conditioning should not be set too low: The feel-good temperature for a baby is around 22°C. Sun shades and tinted glass protect against sunburn and excessive heat.

On lengthy journeys the parent should plan sufficient stops for a drink and diaper change. It would be ideal if a passenger could sit next to the baby on the rear seat to look after it during the journey. If traveling alone use a baby mirror to keep an eye on the baby. A cell phone can offer a certain degree of distraction during the journey, but it should be attached so that the view of the driver is not impaired.

The cries of a new born baby can reach up to 120 decibels. "If the baby is restless and begins to whine road safety considerations make it important to stop as quickly as possible," says Egelhaaf. "This is because the noise level makes it almost impossible to concentrate on driving."


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