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DEKRA extends its CTIA OTA Authorized Testing Capabilities

DEKRA authorized to test LTE CAT-M1 by CTIA

29. Nov 2019

CTIA has authorized DEKRA Testing and Certification, S.A.U. to test LTE CAT-M1 devices according to the latest CTIA OTA Test Plan entered into force for Wireless Device Over-the-Air Performance, Revision 3.8.X


As of November 15, 2019, the LTE CAT-M1 clause of CTIA Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the-Air Performance revision 3.8.X has become mandatory. As a result all LTE CAT-M1 wireless devices to be marketed in the United States must comply with the requirements specified in this test plan.

As LTE CAT-M1 accredited laboratory, DEKRA’s OTA Lab is ready to provide this service to all manufacturers and distributors of mobile and wireless devices implementing the LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technology in their devices.

LTE CAT-M1 is a technology specially adapted to connect Internet of Things (IoT) devices to the network or machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. It mainly enables a high battery life and a greater in-building range, comparing with other cellular technologies.

With the new accreditation, DEKRA continues adding testing capabilities to its CTIA Authorized Test Lab located in Málaga, Spain. This ATL already has a comprehensive scope in Bluetooth Compatibility Converged Device, Cybersecurity, MIMO OTA Performance and SISO OTA Performance services.

“We are really pleased to announce a new extension of our testing capabilities and the portfolio of our services to support the worldwide wireless industry committed to the future mobility and connectivity,” said Alejandro Torrecilla, Telecom Laboratory Director at DEKRA Testing and Certification, S.A.U.

For more information about DEKRA’s wireless testing services, please visit:

Carlos Pérez
DEKRA Testing and Certification S.A.U.
Tel. (+44) 7464830290

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DEKRA authorized to test LTE CAT-M1 by CTIA

DEKRA extends its CTIA OTA Authorized Testing Capabilities

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