Data tracking & business intelligence

Build business strategies by monitoring, using, capitalizing on data.

Data tracking & business intelligence

Why do Data tracking & business intelligence exist ?

Data is everywhere, capitalizing on it reinforces knowledge and capacities to make the best decisions with operational and decisional analyses.
Our goal: Provide efficient analysis and tools to optimize business and quality

Your benefits?

  • Strategic decision help
  • Time and financial benefits
  • Process optimization by forecasting market trends
  • Risk management

Our services cover:

  • Secured web site portal with customized decisional analysis and dashboards
  • Dedicated coordination by data specialists
  • Business steering committees and reports
  • Market benchmark studies


DEKRA is an expert in data tracking: with close to 2 billion data units managed each year in Europe from more than 20 years, analysis is more powerful and global to make short, middle, or long term decisions.


Stéphanie Gautier

+33 (0)5 56 69 21 27
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