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Data Analytics Consultancy

Predict future maintenance needs to plan and optimize your processes

Railway maintenance doesn’t have to follow a strict schedule that might be too early or too late. Learn how to use Big Data to find the perfect maintenance intervals and expand the lifespan of your railway assets in DEKRA Rail’s data analytics consultancy.

The benefits of Data Analytics Consultancy

  • Avoid unnecessary maintenance or repair work
  • Gain insight into specific topics
  • Learn to use data for maintenance predictions
  • Optimize your maintenance schedule
  • Avoid unpredicted maintenance issues
  • Expand the lifespan of your fleet or your network

Data Analytics Consultancy

About Data Analytics Consultancy

Traditionally, maintenance for railway vehicles and railway track happens on a regular basis, according to a plan or after a malfunction. But that can already be too late or simply not the right moment. Imagine a vehicle that will re-call measurements before or when a failure is detected and warns you when it detects similar patterns in the future.

DEKRA Rail’s data analytics methods will help you carrying out maintenance more flexibly and precisely. Regarding the huge amounts of data, that might sound difficult at first, but well-directed analyses give exact insight into specific topics and help predicting maintenance and repair work.

In DEKRA Rail’s analytics consultancy you will learn how to calculate the perfect maintenance moment using data analytics as an asset manager. Learn how to store and use data in a new way. This will help you avoid unpredicted maintenance in the future, expand maintenance intervals, as well as the life of your vehicles.

A specific data analytics application we offer focuses on lubricated systems like axle boxes or gearboxes. In order to monitor the condition of these systems, we offer a solution that uses oil sample analysis to identify and predict abnormal wear and potential failure of the lubricated system. Analysis of oil sample data, combined with usage and maintenance information, is a valuable source for maintenance optimization.

Thanks to DEKRA Rail’s long-term experience and deep understanding of railway assets, data analytics will no longer be an impossible, confusing mission for railway companies, but a useful tool to collect, manage and analyze your data and re-arrange your maintenance process in the future.

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