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Crisis Management

Understand. Prepare. Implement. Improve.

Successful crisis management - with our comprehensive advice and support, you are well prepared for a worst-case scenario.

Crisis Management for Organizations

Reliably assess crisis situations and implement appropriate countermeasures

The demands and requirements that arise in a crisis are multifaceted and present companies – no matter the size – with unforeseen challenges, as the current coronavirus pandemic has shown us. Effective crisis management in such cases includes the identification and analysis of the crisis situation, the development of appropriate strategies to address the crisis as well as the introduction and monitoring of appropriate countermeasures.

Even when companies are equally affected by the crisis, the challenges for small and middle-sized enterprises (SMEs) differ from those of larger companies and international organizations. It is often easier for SMEs to quickly grasp the situation and respond immediately and locally. However, they may need expert technical, organizational and staffing support to accurately assess the effects of the crisis and to plan and implement appropriate countermeasures. Large, multi-national organizations, on the other hand, have the experience, expertise and organizational resources to evaluate crises and determine a suitable course of action. Their challenges lie mainly in the ability to maintain a global overview, assess interactions and interfaces, coordinate centralized and decentralized steps and ensure the necessary communication.

Successful crisis management is the best preparation for a worst-case scenario

In the current pandemic caused by the rapid spread of the coronavirus, companies have particular challenges to confront, from illness-related employee absences to limited freedom of movement imposed by the authorities. Having the right pandemic plan in place is therefore crucial for all companies.

Together we can overcome the crisis: We advise, inform and support you

We at DEKRA provide you with the best possible support in handling a crisis! Our experts offer accurate and relevant information, appropriate self-assessments and helpful links as well as concrete advice and assistance in a crisis.


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Background Information

A crisis is a problematic situation in which sound, sustainable decisions must be made quickly. In most cases, this situation is accompanied by an escalation that may lead to difficult choices.

A catastrophe is a serious disaster with lasting consequences. In general, it involves long-term damage affecting a large area. A catastrophe cannot be managed or averted with normal emergency responses such as the fire department, police or rescue service. Usually the help and resources of other regions or countries are needed.

DEKRA has a highly dedicated team with a broad skill set, with many years of experiences in the catastrophe loss adjusting services. What makes us unique is the fact that we can assess every kind of claim that occurs from a catastrophe; from car damages, property, personal injuries, up to the most complex industrial claims. Read more

To best handle crises and catastrophes, the appropriate logistics and the coordination of necessary resources are essential. The fundamental areas of activity for crisis management are therefore planning, organization, leadership and supervision. With the current rapid spread of the coronavirus, companies’ pandemic planning and health management are important elements of crisis management.

The nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima in 2011 is an example of a crisis situation. A series of catastrophic accidents and serious malfunctions led to explosions in the nuclear reactors that exposed a large area to radiation, rendering it unfit for habitation. The company TEPCO found itself from one day to the next in crisis and had to respond as quickly as possible. This showed how important effective crisis management can be.

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