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Corrosion testing and environmental simulation

Safety for a long product life

Environmental simulation

Pollution caused by environmental influences, such as temperature fluctuations, humidity, UV weathering and corrosive media, can seriously negatively affect the function and lifetime of technical products. Therefore as a manufacturer you must precisely know the resistance and properties of the materials, construction elements and protective coatings used by you.

With state-of-the-art environmental simulations, DEKRA provides you with all the data required to test the suitability and reliability of your materials or products under environmental conditions. Under controlled conditions, our efficient simulators replicate all the environmental stresses to be expected for the test object and document its condition, function, and failure rate over the desired period. By applying known parameters, the naturally occurring aging process can be accelerated many times over so that reliable, conclusive results are already available after a short time.

The DEKRA Laboratory for Materials Engineering and Damage Analysis is accredited for corrosion, humidity, climate, and UV weathering and offers you first-class testing expertise, both for standard tests and for customized tests according to your own specifications.

DEKRA offers you these services:

  • Salt spray tests (NSS, AASS, CASS)
  • Condensation testing climate (with/without SO2)
  • Combined cyclic corrosion tests
  • Cyclic temperature and climate tests
  • UV weathering
  • Color and gloss measurements
  • Stone chip resistance of coatings
  • Testing of resistance to wear, adhesive strength, and resistance to scratching
  • Testing of badges/adhesive seals
  • Testing of retro-reflective label plates (DIN 74069)
  • Testing of galvanized drinking-water pipes (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water, DVGW)
  • Corrosion protection and corrosion expertise on site

We are pleased about your interest in our laboratory services.


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Laboratory for materials technology and damage analysis

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