Fitness check for the post-summer months

DEKRA Info September 2018

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A glance suffices: Has the main inspection sticker expired?

Unclutter the car after your vacation:

After a lengthy vacation trip it is recommended to give your beast of burden a check-up and make it fit for the fall. DEKRA experts explain what the motorist needs to do.

  • If the tires have gone through some long journeys carrying a heavy load and in blistering heat they need to be looked at closely. Check tires and rims for damage such as cracks or puncture and for uneven tread wear. If you notice any anomalies contact a tire specialist for advice.
  • To ensure a safe journey on fall roads DEKRA recommends that the tire tread should be at least 3 millimeters, even if the statutorily required minimum is 1.6 millimeters. Both the tire pressure as well as the headlight beam should be readjusted to match the current cargo load.
  • The vehicle should be relieved of any unnecessary ballast and vacation equipment surplus to requirements, for example the luggage rack and trailer hitch should be removed. Every kilo saved saves on fuel.
  • A glance at the main inspection sticker on the rear number plate indicates whether the main inspection date has expired during the holiday period or if the inspection is due in the near future. Vehicles bearing a green sticker have to be inspected before 2018 is out.
  • Long journeys can increase the consumption of lubricant and coolant. Engine oil and coolant must be topped up if they no longer lie within normal limits. If you notice anything not quite right with the engine, brakes, steering etc., pay a visit to the garage.
  • Additional jobs: The container for the windshield water should be topped up so that the vehicle is ready to take on grubby autumnal weather. Remove any paint damage – irrespective of whether large or small – before rust begins to take a hold. Check whether all headlights, lights and indicators still function properly. You will be in dire need of them as winter draws in.


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