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Representative DEKRA Survey by Forsa At “Eurobike 2019” Trade Fair

Consumers Prioritize Quality When Purchasing E-Bikes

3. Sep 2019

Cyclists planning to buy a new bicycle or an e-bike prioritize quality and safety over price and brand. This was revealed by a representative Germany-wide DEKRA survey. On behalf of DEKRA, the forsa institute surveyed 1,511 regular cyclists in private households.

Forsa Survey Infographic

  • When it comes to bicycles, equipment specifications and quality of advice are more important than price and brand
  • Two-thirds of respondents view independent test marks or certifications as important
  • Most respondents enjoy riding a bicycle or an e-bike

People over the age of 18 who ride their bicycles regularly were interviewed. When purchasing a bicycle or an e-bike, three-quarters (75%, multiple responses) of respondents indicated that they consider equipment specifications and a specialist dealer who offers comprehensive support and advice to be very important or important. A test mark or certification from an independent testing organization is important or very important for two-thirds (66%) of respondents. For 60% of those surveyed, it is more important that the bicycle is inexpensive. Purchasing a bicycle from a well-known brand is a decisive purchasing criterion for just one in four (27%).

When it comes to e-bikes such as pedelecs and S-pedelecs in particular, a clear picture of preferences can be observed: Nearly all respondents (92%) believe that it is or would be very important or important when buying an e-bike that the bicycle is robust and easy to maintain. Similarly, many consider high road safety (91%), comfort (89%) and high battery range (86%) to be decisive. Low weight (76%) and high-performance drive (74%) are also commonly desired. Only a minority (45%) consider sporty cycling more important when purchasing an e-bike.

In addition, almost everyone stated that they enjoy riding conventional bicycles or e-bikes. For 79%, cycling is a fun form of relaxation. Only a few (8%) indicated that they don’t really like cycling or e-biking, but they have no other way to be mobile.

When it comes to safety, a clear majority of respondents have great confidence in the technical safety of bicycles (87%) and e-bikes (60%). What stands out from a negative point of view is that 18% of cyclists surveyed stated that they are more likely to get into dangerous situations or near-accidents when cycling.

DEKRA at Eurobike 2019
DEKRA has greatly expanded its portfolio for the bicycle industry and will be showcasing its range of services for the first time ever at the Eurobike trade fair in Friedrichshafen from September 4 to 7, 2019.

For electric bicycles, DEKRA offers all the EU-mandated tests from a single source in accordance with DIN EN 15194, covering a range of aspects including markings, user guides, mechanical and electrical safety in accordance with the Machinery Directive, the safety of individual systems and functional safety. DEKRA will be testing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in its new EMC laboratory.

For two-wheelers such as S-Pedelecs, which are classified as motor vehicles and so require official approval and homologation for road service, DEKRA also offers the services of the DEKRA Technology Center in Klettwitz. Recognized EU-wide as a technical service, the DEKRA Technology Center conducts comprehensive testing on e-scooters in accordance with the new PLEV Ordinance (eKFV) as well as road traffic certification (StVZO).

The DEKRA experts and laboratories also offer the full range of supplementary bicycle-related tests: in-development material and component tests; environmental simulations and damage analysis in the materials laboratory; tests for hazardous substances in the chemistry laboratory; lighting tests in the light laboratory and damage assessments.

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Consumers Prioritize Quality When Purchasing E-Bikes

Representative DEKRA Survey by Forsa At “Eurobike 2019” Trade Fair

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