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Anti-Infection Measures on Construction Sites

Recommendations and instructions for health and safety coordination

Employers are required to assess risks to employee safety and health in the workplace (risk assessment) and to devise appropriate protective measures.

Health and safety coordination

This assessment must also take into account infection hazards and recommend suitable prevention and hygiene measures to be implemented. The construction site-related risk assessments must be adapted accordingly. The aim of all anti-infection measures must be to delay the further spread of the virus.

This obligation should be made clear to the contracted companies in the inspection and consultation protocols.

Construction Site Organization

  • Measures for tracing possible infection pathways (e.g. the companies currently performing the work maintain an attendance list or workday notification of employee deployment)
  • Proof that the companies involved in the construction project do not employ workers from risk areas as defined by the Robert-Koch Institute (RKI)
  • Visitors and guests to the construction site prohibited if possible
  • Construction or planning consultations should only be carried out when urgently necessary and with a small number of people
  • Building consultations should be carried out via telephone and video conference if possible
  • Ensure that foreign-language construction site personnel have understood the hygiene requirements and protective measures
  • Post notices on hygiene measures in bathrooms and other suitable places

Construction Site Equipment

  • Provision of suitable sanitary facilities with hand washing facilities and disposable towels
  • Implementation of a cleaning schedule (bathrooms cleaned at least twice a week if used daily; toilets, as well as mobile, connection-free toilet cabins are cleaned daily) daily cleaning of all sanitary facilities as well as daily inspection and replenishment of consumables is recommended
  • Designating additional break areas on the construction site to avoid the congregation of multiple employees in one place. Alternatively, breaks should be staggered for non-overlapping times
  • Provision of additional waste collection containers and their daily emptying, taking into account hygiene requirements
  • Additional provision of disinfectants if washing facilities are not available in sufficient numbers

Hygiene Measures for Employees

  • Wash hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water
  • Maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters from others
  • Restrict activities to work that can be carried out alone if possible (e.g. site inspections by site management, clients, health and safety officers, etc.)
  • Do not touch eyes, nose and mouth with your hands
  • Avoid handshakes and other physical contact
  • In general, use suitable gloves when operating equipment or machinery
  • Dispose of used PPE properly in the waste containers
  • Do not share certain PPE (e.g. eye and face protection) among employees

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