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Condition Inspections of Railway Infrastructure

Non-Periodical Condition Inspections of Railway Infrastructure

Assisting rail organizations to plan their processes safely and cost effectively, and simultaneously to improve performance. DEKRA offers an integral system approach for railway issues, we know the rules inside and out and we are objective and independent.

The benefits of Non-Periodical Condition Inspections of Railway Infrastructure

  • Guarantee the safe use of railway infrastructure

  • Saving time and costs due optimized maintenance actions

  • Access world class expertise with decades of experience

Condition Inspections of Railway Infrastructure

About Non-Periodical Condition Inspections of Railway Infrastructure

The assessment of the railway infrastructure’s condition is crucial to guarantee the safe use of the railway infrastructure and to optimize condition‐based maintenance actions. Since a faulty state might have severe consequences. Therefore, railway infrastructure has to be inspected regularly to detect failures and prevent the rail to reach a faulty state with potentially safety critical consequences such as derailments or other accidents or incidents.

Testing and monitoring often serve as the basis for understanding the condition of a component or system. An essential part of condition management is about determining the condition of an asset such as rails in an unambiguous and useful manner. Whether it concerns the material properties of a component or the integrity of an entire system, DEKRA offers inspection and measurement services to enable a relevant condition survey to optimize the maintenance or maintenance intervals of railway infrastructure systems.

DEKRA offers various inspections services for rail infrastructure such as:

  • Bridge inspections, checking paint layers for quality
  • Rail and sleeper crack inspections
  • Ballast bed quality inspections
  • Overhead line portal inspections (paint, metal integrity)
  • Sound barrier noise absorption inspection

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