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DEKRA Info July / August 2018

Child playground
Untroubled fun in playgrounds: take a closer look.

Child playground safety

The safety of children's playgrounds can vary greatly, report playground inspectors at DEKRA. Some operators do invest a lot of money in modern attractive playground areas and their maintenance, but conversely it is also possible to find poorly maintained play areas where wear and tear as well as vandalism can frequently leave a lot to be desired. So that parents need have no concerns about their children having fun in the playground, DEKRA experts recommend looking out for the following:

  • If the play area gives a somewhat neglected impression, pay attention! Are there visible sources of danger, such as, for example, broken glass, dirt, damaged or missing parts of equipment or exposed foundations where children can hurt themselves?
  • Take a look at any suspended components and equipment frames. Swings or ropes are in frequent use, for example, and can quickly display signs of wear.
  • If the wooden supports of equipment display severe signs of weathering or are even rotten or covered in mould, this can impair the stability. This is particularly true of equipment with just one supporting post.
  • Make sure that ground coverings of tall equipment is impact absorbent and there are no hard objects in the vicinity, such as branches, scooters or bikes that the children can fall on.
  • Important: Children must remove cycle helmets when playing on playground equipment as otherwise they can become entangled in climbing frames or nets. Scarves and cords on clothing can also cause the children to get easily caught and seriously injure themselves.
  • Visitors to playgrounds can also contribute to more safety. If they notice any faults they should report them to the playground operator, who can be found on the signage at the entrances.


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