Centralized & decentralized Inspection

Preparation and production of a vehicle condition report for used vehicles.

Centralized & decentralized Inspection

Why do Centralized & decentralized Inspection exist?

  • The inspections are carried out to:
  • Validate the condition of the vehicle at the moment of defleeting to reinvoice the damage
  • Decide on possible repair and refurbishment to be performed to the vehicles before resale
  • Define the damage to be considered in the vehicle resale process

Your benefits?

  • Transparency of the remarketing process
  • Accurate damage identification to capture the state of the car
  • Accurate damage identification to build a trusted relationship with client’s customers and used car clients
  • Standardized inspection process across borders

There are two types of inspection, centralized and decentralized.

  • The centralized inspection refers to daily return of cars on a compound
  • The decentralized inspection refers to one provided at a dealership or customer site

Our service covers:

  • Vehicle identification
  • Verification of onboard documentation & loose items
  • Equipment
  • Tires & wheels
  • Body inspection
  • Verification of general vehicle condition
  • Digital images


Pierre-Marie Egginton

Product Manager

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