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Tested raw material quality, safe burning


DEKRA tests the quality of candles and their raw materials on behalf of the Quality Association for Candles, as well as for manufacturers and retail. With the "RAL Quality Mark for Candles", consumers are given the assurance that they are purchasing high quality candles. Burning too fast or unevenly, dripping wax and the formation of soot can all be avoided by purchasing tested candles, as can harmful concentrations of substances that damage the environment and your health (e.g. PAH, sulfur dioxide).

Manufacturers who want to label their candles with this quality mark may only use candle raw materials, dyes and paints that meet clearly defined purity and quality standards.

Our testing and analysis services cover:

  • Burning behavior according to RAL or customer specifications
  • Raw materials analysis (paraffin, stearin, bees wax, palm oils)
  • Harmful substances emissions when burning
  • Damage analysis

We are pleased about your interest in our laboratory services.


DEKRA Automobil GmbH

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Laboratory for environmental and product analysis

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