Lobbying in Berlin

Although key decisions are taken in Brussels, Berlin is and remains a pivotal player in policy-making. For one thing, European draft laws are mostly implemented by the federal or provincial authorities and, for another, the federal government has a substantial influence on the decisions taken in Brussels. DEKRA has a strong network in Berlin thanks to its Representative Office and is held in high esteem as a creator and a contact by politicians and associations alike.

Dialog with Decision-Makers

DEKRA is one of the world’s leading testing service providers and expert organizations for ensuring safety, quality, and environmental protection. We have approximately 37,000 employees in over 60 countries. We support our customers in the automotive and industrial sectors. As a reliable partner with a variety of services from general vehicle inspections to testing of medical devices and power plants to training professional drivers, DEKRA offers a wide range of independent expertise, making it an engaging point of contact for political decision-makers. Our Group’s representative office in Berlin views itself as an interface between the company and government institutions at the national level. It ensures that DEKRA remains in constant, close contact with policy-makers, serving as a constructive partner to legislators.

Lobbying and Political Advocacy

In our society, political advocacy and lobbying have taken on mostly negative connotations. However, many people forget that modern-day, transparent political management is essential to a working democracy and a legitimate part of the democratic decision-making process. Moreover, political issues and processes are becoming more and more complex, forcing politicians and ministries to rely on outside information and advice. These and other aspects are making the exchange of information between businesses, associations, legislative and administrative bodies a necessary part of pluralist democracy.

From a sociopolitical standpoint as well, the work of administrations, legislators, and regulatory authorities is more effective if it considers a broad range of viewpoints and expertly sound opinions during the development of policy measures. In this context, DEKRA’s extensive and independent expertise as a global corporation makes it a sought-after partner for decision makers, organizations, and authorities on an international, European, national, and regional level. DEKRA provides them with expert opinions and well researched articles, for example, on the issue of road safety, that complement and encourage sustainable political decisions. Our political activities are based on the idea that contemporary advocacy improves the reputation of a company by conveying messages that are open, transparent, and authoritative.

Delivering Solutions to Political Issues

Our aim is to become involved in political and economic matters as early as possible. From our Group’s representative office in Berlin, we coordinate our political activities while observing and analyzing legislative and regulatory developments. Our involvement in political happenings is not simply limited to formulating and evaluating positions as part of various legislative processes. Instead, it extends to organizing expert symposiums and gatherings that address important social issues such as safety on the road, at work, and at home. We continue to hold regular discussions with other political interest groups, associations, and social organizations. Our goal is to exchange information about trends in society and politics that could have an effect on our company. By teaming up with strong partners in this manner, we succeed in making key contributions to balanced and effective political decisions. One focus of our activities is observing and analyzing plans for regulatory legislation as well as preparing and sending briefing materials to every level of the Group—from departmental level to the Management Board. As the primary point of intersection with political institutions, the Group's representative office also arranges meetings with other advocacy groups on subjects of importance to DEKRA.

Industrial Association and Body Memberships

DEKRA is an active member of numerous associations and partner organizations like the International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee (CITA), European Confederation of Inspection Organizations (CEOC), and International Commission for Driver Testing (CIECA).

Organizing and Conducting Symposiums

Our most important activities in the area of political marketing include conducting symposiums on political topics relevant to DEKRA.

For 2016/2017, the following events have been held:

  • DEKRA New Year’s Reception
  • Parliamentary Evening for presenting the DEKRA Traffic Safety Report
  • DEKRA Summer Party
  • DEKRA Parliamentary Breakfast on “Nuclear Power Plant Safety”
  • DEKRA symposium on “Civilian Use of Unmanned Aviation Systems”

Issues of special relevance to DEKRA

  • Road safety
  • Digital transformation and Industry 4.0
  • Air freight safety
  • Climate and energy policy
  • Product safety and market surveillance
  • Energy efficiency


Azar Mottale

Head of representative office in Berlin



Behrenstraße 29

10117 Berlin

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