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Back to Work - Safe Environments and Workers Protection

Employees are counting on their companies to help them get back to work safely.

The current crisis of COVID-19 has created a global disruption to almost all industries. As the world slowly returns to work, one of the biggest challenges for companies will be how to start operations while minimizing the risk to their employees and keeping the workplace safe.

Safe Environments and Workers Protection

Companies will need to adapt new policies and safety programs in order to protect their facilities from accidents, contamination and protection from future pandemics.

DEKRA is a global safety partner and has developed a series of sanitary services that provide you with technical support, qualified sanitary and contamination assessments, remote inspections, digital solutions and risk-based assessments to ensure the safety of your facilities, employees and customers by assessment and identify routes or pathways of exposure and cross contamination.

Sanitary Services

Safely managed water, sanitation, and hygiene services are an essential part of preventing and protecting human health during infectious disease outbreaks.

DEKRA offers services to qualify contamination on test points for surfaces, in water and in industrial sludge, by sample collection and analyses made by our lab partner, DEKRA supports in ensuring that health, safety and hygiene procedures are put in place for the resumption of activity which meet local and international standards, as well as recognized best practices that confirm the procedures are relevant to your needs.

Qualification and Technical Advisory Services

Qualification and Technical Advisory Services

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believes that fomite (shared surface transmission e.g. door handles, elevator buttons, etc.) transmission is possible based upon the Wenzhou shopping mall cluster analysis. Studies have found that the virus can live on surfaces for a number of days, especially on floors and staircases. For example, on plastics, wood, paper and glass it can live up to 5 days. However, gloves and aluminum it can stay on for a number of hours.

However, with proper precautions you can reduce the risk of exposure significantly. DEKRA can assess the presence of contamination on all surface points and offers assessment and technical advisory on how to focus on the most critical points, and keep your employees and customers safe from cross contamination.

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Qualification and Technical Advisory Services

wastewater treatment facilities

It is critical that wastewater treatment facilities implement effective disinfection practice to ensure the virus does not spread via reclaimed effluent during the outbreak. Le Monde (French newspaper) has reported that scientists found traces of SARS-CoV-2 in non-potable water, which is used to for gardens and fountains throughout the city.

Water samples taken from a wastewater plant in Amersfoort NL, near Utrecht, show that the virus was present in the sewage on March 5, weeks before any cases were reported in the city and the research shows that it can live up to 3 days in water.

DEKRA’s experts support in assessing the presence of contamination of water, patterns and transmission pathways.

DEKRA takes necessary measures to ensure employee safety and continuity of industrial business. The supply of process water, hazardous waste collection and treatment must be upheld to regulatory compliance. DEKRA supports our customers by qualifying contamination and support on how to operate service activities at the production sites.

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  • Accurately assess the presence of contamination on all surface points
  • Focuses on the most critical points to keep your employees and customers safe from cross contamination
  • Offers a clear and independent overview of potential impacts
  • Ensures a compliant state of premises and equipment

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