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DEKRA Award – Our categories

Apply for the DEKRA Award 2021 from March.

Has your company developed outstanding concepts, initiatives or processes that have led to a record? We are looking to honour outstanding performance in the following areas: "Safety at work", "Safety on the road" and "Safety at home".

Additional we have category called "Startups". Startups which offer innovative solutions and business models in one of the three areas can apply here.



In the cross-cutting "Startups" category, we are looking for young companies whose business models demonstrate innovative solutions in the three aforementioned areas "Safety on the road", "Safety at work" and "Safety at home".
We are currently searching for suitable candidates for the DEKRA Award in this category, for example in the following topic areas:

  • Safety on the road People and behavior on the road, traffic planning and infrastructure, traffic safety technology, new mobility concepts, etc.
  • Safety at work Preventive, identifying and responsive solutions in cybersecurity, risk management, occupational health and safety, etc.
  • Safety at home Prevention of accidents within the home, prevention of accidents in the immediate vicinity of the home, fire safety, health risks, high-risk people as a target group, etc.

Safety on the road

Safety on the road image: a winding country road with a car and a "Caution" road sign in the foreground.

Through your expertise and commitment, you make an ongoing contribution to protecting people on the road. You focus on human behaviour on the road. You focus on predictive planning processes in road traffic, or you are responsible for cross-manufacturer initiatives and developments aimed at reducing the number of road casualties. The focus here is less on company-specific product and technology developments than on concepts, initiatives and measures.

We are looking for companies, organisations, initiatives and individuals who contribute to increased safety on the road thanks to their concepts or measures.

Safety at work

Safety at work

The ability of a company to protect its employees is a valuable asset. Safety at work is ensured through not only safety initiatives and risk management but also through innovative management concepts. A holistic, behaviour-oriented safety culture helps to reduce risks.

We are looking for startups, companies, organisations, initiatives or individuals who have shown outstanding performance in the field of occupational safety. With forward-looking best practices that are effective, innovative and transferable, you establish a safety culture to which other companies and organisations can aspire.

Safety at home

Safety at Home image: a man on a ladder changing a light bulb.

You are in the business of preventing accidents at home or in the immediate vicinity. You have developed concepts, initiatives and measures that prevent, for example, mechanical risks, mitigate the risk of fire or address issues regarding safety in the home and that have shown outstanding success in drawing attention to safety risks and/or possible solutions at home.

For the "Safety at home" category, we are looking for startups, companies, organisations, initiatives or individuals who show outstanding performance with regard to improving safety at home.

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