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Automotive interior materials

Emission behavior of automotive interior materials

Automotive interior materials

With new user interfaces, new materials, and corresponding individualization options, the importance of material quality and processing in vehicle interiors is increasing. The outgassing of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and the content of condensable substances (FOG) from vehicle interior parts are therefore of corresponding importance, as they influence the quality of interior air in vehicles and are relevant for health and driving comfort.

Test chamber measurements, odor measurements, and pollutant analyses can be used to test automotive interior parts and evaluate the outgassing behavior. The DEKRA test laboratory offers comprehensive measurement and analysis procedures for test chamber measurements, VOC screenings, and single substance analyses.

Material analysis:

  • VDA 270 (odor characteristics)
  • VDA 275 (formaldehyde emission of molded parts)
  • VDA 277 (TVOC, Headspace GC-FID)
  • VDA 278 (thermodesorption analysis)
  • DIN 75201-B (fogging, gravimetric)

Testing of assembled parts and components:

  • VDA 276-1 (test chamber emission)
  • DIN ISO 12219-4 (volatile organic compounds, small chamber)
  • DIN ISO 12219-6 (SVOC, semi-volatile organic compounds - small chamber)
  • DIN ISO 12219-7 (Odor determination in test chamber air by olfactory measurements)
  • DIN ISO 16000 (VOC emission, GC-MS Screening, Aromatics, Aldehydes, Ketones)
  • Amines, phthalates, nitrosamines

We also offer testing according to a variety of OEM specifications. Please contact us directly for current approvals and recognitions as well as for the coordination of the customer-specific test concept. Our experts also classify the proven individual substances with regard to substance restrictions, declaration obligations, and hazardous substance regulations (e.g. GADSL, CLP).

We are also available for further environmental simulations as well as corrosion and weathering tests.


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