Accident research

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accident research

Analytical reports on accident, damage and traffic processes may contain the following individual services, depending on the order:

  • Securing of accident traces
  • Evaluation of accident data stores
  • Evaluation of accident photos according to the method of photogrammetry (image measurement)
  • Accident sketches by photo evaluation
  • Computer-assisted phasing analysis
  • Computer-assisted collision analysis
  • Calculation of accident avoidance
  • Clarification of seating positions
  • Crash tests and their evaluation
  • Report on traffic monitoring

  • Vehicle technical appraisals after accident or traffic control. In these appraisals, any possible technical deficiencies on vehicles following an accident or traffic control are commented on. In many cases, the cause of the accident or the detectability of a defect are also analyzed. It is also clarified who bears the responsibility for a defect or a structural change.

Why does Accident research exist ?

Based on tracks on the road and on vehicles, the position of the vehicle as well as deformations, we determine the starting position, speeds and directions of movement of the vehicles and accident participants. Depending on the order, we take up position and investigate the conditions, in which the accident would have been avoidable for those involved.

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