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360° CyberSafe Solutions for a safe and secure world.

360° Information Security

With our DEKRA 360° CyberSafety Services, we offer a broad product and service portfolio for the protection and security of your data and processes.

360° CyberSafety Services

360° Methodology for a Safe and Secure World

Infographic: 360° CyberSafety Services strategy with six fields of competence within three defined areas of application.

With our DEKRA 360° CyberSafety Services, we offer you an extensive range of services, which enables you to implement and consistently maintain comprehensive information security throughout your company. We focus on effective and efficient solutions for optimal results, and take into consideration issues affecting human, corporate, and manufacturing perspectives and processes. We provide an all-round approach for reliable cyber security methodology.

DEKRA 360° CyberSafety Services offer a holistic approach for companies in automotive, ICT, healthcare, energy and industrial industries to ensure security for their products, systems and processes. Our unique combination of services makes us a one-stop-shop for comprehensive information security.

Organizations & Processes

In the connected world, cybercrime attacks, data theft, and spyware have become a daily battle for many companies. The consequences of such an attack are not only costly, but also damaging to a company's reputation. Investment in comprehensive information security is essential to protecting corporate networks, systems and data from attacks, damage and unauthorized access. An effective security strategy relies on preventive measures and has the ability to identify and respond to existing risks.

  • IT Risk Assessment and Management: Our experts provide comprehensive services to effectively manage your cyber security risks in the following areas: security management systems , data protection , system and network security , TISAX® and KRITIS.
  • IT Security Monitoring: With our threat detection tools, we enable you to oversee security-relevant processes, to identify on-going security risks within your company and to take appropriate countermeasures.

People & Behavior

Cyber threats are everywhere and can attack anytime we interact with a connected device. It is therefore a decisive factor that your employees are aware of their responsibilities and are equipped with proper knowledge and healthy cyber security habits to act appropriately to protect your assets with solid information security practices.

  • IT Security Training: As a global leader in employee training, we provide comprehensive programs including information security officer, data protection officer and social engineering instruction.
  • Personnel Certification: We provide recognized personnel certifications for developers, specialists, and analysts in the areas of information technologies, data protection, and data security.
  • Cross-Border Personnel Solutions: As qualified personnel is hard to find, we recruit and qualify IT-security specialists abroad.
  • Cyber Security Behavior Technology™: Our DEKRA micro-Habit Loop™ software provides a digital habit forming tool to support you in defining and managing critical behaviors necessary to avoid security breaches.

Products & Ecosystems

Ensuring an adequate level of cyber security in the connected devices, vehicles and infrastructure is vital for safeguarding consumers and gaining their trust in a digital era. We conduct third-party testing and certification in line with widely accepted security standards, providing independent proof that your products comply with relevant cyber security requirements.

From the design phase to continual maintenance, our services include:

  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing before and after product launch
  • Cyber security surveillance and maintenance during the entire product life cycle
  • Certification according to widely accepted cyber security standards

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