Wood pellets

Analysis and expertise for pellets and pellet production

wood pellets

To convince your customers of the quality of your wood pellets DEKRA supports you with reliable and recognised laboratory analysis, as well as with incoming goods inspections and regular quality assurance analysis.

The DEKRA analysis laboratory in Halle recognised by DIN CERTCO and DEPI offers you comprehensive and reliable analysis, also as part of the "Blue Angel", DINplus and ENplus certification processes. DEKRA experts are located nationwide and can be on site quickly for factory visits.

Testing and analysis services:

  • Pellets and wood pellets DIN EN ISO 17225-2 (DIN 51731, ├ľNORM M 7135)
  • DINplus / ENplus quality mark
  • Independent expert body recognised by RAL for "Blue Angel" certification (RAL-UZ 153)
  • Industrial pellets
  • Solid bio-fuels, waste wood, alternative fuels

DEKRA also offers you safety during production with plant tests, approvals and acceptance tests: both during plant operation and when planning and constructing your plant.


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Laboratory for Environmental and Product Analysis


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