Vehicle cleaning and care

Comprehensive testing to analyse product quality

Physico-chemical analysis

Physico-chemical analysis, material compatibility and performance tests: DEKRA offers producers, importers and retailers comprehensive testing options to analyse product quality. You also benefit from our extensive specialist knowledge for establishing quality benchmarks and criteria to assess product quality.

The recognised expertise and product tests include the analysis of contents, material compatibility tests and performance tests as well as cleaning and care assessments. DEKRA tests according to national and international standards, manufacturer requirements and recognised DEKRA testing methods.

The range of testing includes:

  • Windscreen cleaners and de-icers
  • Waxes, polishes, shampoos
  • Wheel cleaners, insect removers
  • Interior cleaners (cockpit care)
  • Surface sealants
  • Car wash chemicals
  • Professional vehicle valeting
  • Workshop and workshop floor cleaners

DEKRA supports you with top quality, reliable analysis as well as comprehensible and meaningful test reports and expertise. Our experts will be happy to advise you.


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