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DEKRA Info May 2018

Used car purchase

Used car purchase

Used cars continue to be extremely popular among German motorists. In 2017 alone, around 7.3 million cars changed owners in Germany. The most convincing argument in their favor is the purchase price; used cars are available in all price segments and frequently already come with an entire equipment package that would cost a small fortune if purchased as part of a new car package. However, there are also risks involved, such as, for example, extreme wear and lack of maintenance, a host of previous owners, poorly repaired accident vehicles and cars with excessive mileage tampered with by speedometer tricksters.

Car buyers can do something to protect themselves against this. "I recommend the ‘four eye principle’. Always take someone with you that knows something about cars," says DEKRA used car expert Ronald Hufnagel. This has a multitude of advantages: "A technically versed companion can not only better assess the technical aspects of the vehicle, he is also not wearing the ‘rose-tinted spectacles’ of the buyer who can't wait to get behind the wheel of his cool car," explains Hufnagel.

"This is why it is always a good idea to have a person of trust with you who can bring you back down to earth you in case you are in seventh heaven when looking at your dream cabriolet. He is the one who will notice faults, such as, for instance, a worn convertible soft top, signs of accident damage, a notchy gear change or that the engine does not run smoothly." It is also usually better when the seller has to concentrate on two people instead of just one.

One thing that the buyer must never go without when he views a vehicle is the test drive. It not only serves to establish whether the car has any technical defects, generates unusual noises and has acceptable drivability. It also gives the buyer the opportunity to find out if the car feels right for him and thus will make him happy in the long run.


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