New faults category at the general inspection: "Dangerous faults"

DEKRA Info May 2018

New faults category at the general inspection

The general inspection is to have an additional fault category in the future. The additional category of "dangerous fault" is to be added to the previous categorizations of ‘without fault’, ‘minor fault’, ‘serious fault’ and ‘unroadworthy’. The new category is to be incorporated into national law in Germany on 20th May 2018 as part of EU standardization measures. "This inspection categorization constitutes an interim stage below the ‘unroadworthy’ category," explains André Skupin, Technical Director at DEKRA e.V. Dresden. "With it the inspection engineer certifies for the owner that the faults found on his vehicle represent a danger on the road. A journey directly home or to the repair shop is, however, still considered reasonable." As previously, the category of "unroadworthy" entails the immediate removal of the inspection sticker and notification of the registration authorities. This new guideline has no effect on the extent, inspection thoroughness and time required for the general inspection.


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