The likelihood of mold increases in the spring months

DEKRA Info March 2018

Poor ventilation: Mold growth behind fitted kitchens

DEKRA building experts warn:

DEKRA building and property experts point out that apartments and houses are particularly prone to attack by mold in the spring months. Increasing temperatures means the outside air begins to absorb more moisture again and, at a time when people are already turning down their heating. Moist warm air coming into contact with cold walls, corners or window frames leads to the moisture collecting there as water and creating an ideal environment for the propagation of spores harmful to health.

“In spring it is therefore especially important to air apartments sufficiently and, above all, correctly,” says Andreas Kraus, building and property expert at DEKRA. “The best way to combat the formation of mold in homes is short but intense ventilation. This means ensuring the exchange of air by leaving windows wide open several times a day. The circulation can be achieved most effectively by creating a draught. This ventilates the home in just a few minutes.” It is precisely in spring, however, that it is important to choose the right time to ventilate. "When it is 8°C outside and pouring down with rain, the moisture would be attracted into the home with a vengeance,” warns the expert. This is why it is better to wait until the downpour is over and the air humidity outside has fallen.

One of the deadliest ventilation sins is the prolonged window tilting, emphasizes Kraus. The reason for this is that window frames and the masonry around the window would be exposed to extreme cooling. As a result, water can be deposited from the warm, moist air and thus provide the breeding ground for mold. “This is why the window sills should never be cluttered up. Otherwise you would not be able to open the windows wide enough,” explains the DEKRA expert.

“This is particularly important in the bathroom. If the window is only tilted, the moisture is unable to escape the bathroom fast enough.” If you take a closer look, you can find dark patches around the windows of many a house wall, a clear indication that the windows have only been tilted. This is a sign that moss and mold has already formed: They are the telltale signs of incorrect ventilation.


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