Food contact materials

Neutrality in all questions regarding taste and flavour

Food contact materials

In order to guarantee the marketability of food contact materials, it must be ensured that these neither release any harmful substances into the food nor influence its taste or flavour in an undesirable way.

DEKRA supports producers, importers and traders by offering a comprehensive range of inspections and analyses – no matter whether it is about initial samplings or incoming goods inspections, conformity tasks or quality assurance. As a neutral, independent laboratory service provider, we also offer consultancy services, for example with regard to the preparation of the test plan or in the form of customised training courses. We deliver exact, comprehensible results – in a quick and reliable way.

We inspect the following product groups for you:

  • Plastic and foil products
  • Small and large electronic appliances
  • Metals, glassware, ceramics and wood products

Our inspection and analysis services::

  • Sensory testing
  • Analyses of pollutants
  • Requirements according to the regulation on contact materials (BedGgstV) and the Food and Feed Code (LFGB)
  • Regulations (EU) No.10/2011 and (EC) 1935/2004
  • Country-specific standards (France, USA, Italy)
  • Cross-checking experts
  • BfR [Federal Institute for Risk Assessment] recommendations on materials which come in contact with food


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