EMC- Electromagnetic compatibility

testing household appliances

DEKRA and partner laboratories test your equipment for compliance with the following standards and regulations (interference emission and immunity):

  • European harmonised standards (EN; for the CE mark)
  • DIN VDE standards
  • Other national and international standards and regulations, e.g. IEC, ISO; CISPR, FCC (USA), among others

Company standards and customer-specific requirements

Our testing range includes:

  • Electrical household appliances, hand-held power tools and similar electrical devices
  • Measuring and control equipment for industrial and scientific use
  • Lighting systems
  • EDP equipment and other IT equipment
  • And much more

Whether you are a manufacturer, importer or retailer, DEKRA supports you from the development of a product through to its delivery.


DEKRA Testing and Certification GmbH


Werner Leistner

Product testing / Product certification


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