Corrosion Testing, Climate and Environmental Simulation

Corrosion Testing, Climate and Environmental Simulation Proof of resistance against external impacts

Corrosion and Environmental Simulation

During their service life, technical products are exposed to a great variety of environmental impacts, such as severe climatic conditions during storage, transportation or operation. This has an influence on the correct operation, service life and thus on quality and reliability of the products. How do materials, protective coatings or structural elements perform when exposed to e.g. humidity, corrosive agents or UV weathering?

Environmental simulations are repeatable laboratory simulations of the environmental impact which can be expected for a certain product. Such simulations are used to test the condition, function and failure performance of the product. These test procedures are technically realised by means of special simulation equipment.

The aim of environmental simulations is to test or verify the suitability and reliability of technical products under environmental impact. Corrosion testing, for example, is applied to determine in an accelerated procedure whether protective systems, such as metallic, inorganic or organic coatings on a substrate, can cope with the external impacts when installed or integrated in a complex product.

As independent industrial service provider and testing laboratory for materials testing, DEKRA Laboratory for Materials Engineering & Damage Analysis offers top range services – including the entire scope from consultation up to realisation of the tests. Not only do our services include standard inspections but also tailor-made tests to suit your specification and requirements. We are furthermore accredited in corrosion testing, humidity and climatic tests as well as UV weathering.

Typical services we provide include:

  • Salt Spray Tests (NSS, AASS, CASS)
  • Tests in condensation-water atmospheres (with/without SO2)
  • Combined cyclic corrosion tests
  • Alternating climate and temperature tests
  • UV weathering tests
  • Colour and gloss measurements
  • Abrasion resistance, adhesion and scratch resistance tests
  • Inspection of control labels / adhesive seals
  • Inspections of retro-reflecting number plates
  • Damage analysis and other materials testing procedures


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