Driving License Check now available as app

DEKRA Info January/February 2018

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Who is allowed to drive which vehicle? This common enough question frequently goes unanswered as a look at the driving license also fails to clarify the problem. Driving license categories can be somewhat confusing and, in addition, Germany has different types of driving licenses. But, help is now on hand in the form of the new free "Driving License Check" app from DEKRA and ETM Publishers. And this is how the app works. Select vehicle type, for example, car, van or truck, click specification and the app shows which driving license category is required. Conversely, enter the driving license category to find out which vehicles you are permitted to drive. It also provides information on the driving license categories and the key figures in the driving license. The app is available on Google Play and in the App Store as well as in a desktop version on www.dekra-fuehrerscheincheck.de.


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