Work safety survey: Taking a high risk

DEKRA Info January/February 2018

Work safety survey

Many employees feel that their companies do too little for health and safety in the workplace. These are the findings of a national and representative forsa survey conducted among 1000 employees and commissioned by the technical services organization DEKRA. 41 per cent of those employees surveyed said that management or staff in their company failed to observe or did not always observe safety rules and regulations in their company. In one third of companies the statutorily prescribed safety instructions only took place when the person joined the company (17 per cent) or, worse, not at all (15 per cent). Six out of ten employees are able to take advantage of extra offers made by their employer to encourage health and safety. One in three employees reported that their workplace had been designed with health and safety in mind. 28 per cent have partnerships with sports or fitness studios, 26 per cent offer relaxation courses, stress management or massages (multiple answers were possible)


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