Stay calm and cordon off the accident site

DEKRA Info January/February 2018


Accident, and now what?

More than 2.5 million road accidents take place in Germany annually. So, when there's a crash, the first rule is to stay calm and collected, cordon off the accident site so that nothing else can happen, says the DEKRA expert. The most important points are:

Switch on warning indicators, put on the high visibility vest, if possible while you are still in the car, get out cautiously and keep an eye on passing traffic. Set up the hazard triangle: in town at least 50 meters in front of the accident site, on country roads at a distance of 100 meters in front and on the interstate 200 meters in front. If the accident site is obscured by a bend or slope, the hazard triangle must be placed sufficiently ahead of the visual obstacle. Leave the road as quickly as possible and get into a safe spot, on interstates, for example, behind the crash barrier.

If there are casualties inform rescue services immediately and administer first aid (the standardized emergency number throughout Europe is 112). Contact the police if there are casualties, a high level of damage, accident vehicle fleeing the scene, alcohol or situation is not clear.

Note down the personal details of people involved in the accident, registration numbers and insurances. Record the sequence of events leading to the accident. Best of all, use the European Accident Report or the DEKRA Brochure "Accident, What Now" (

In the event of minor damage, take down evidence and then park the vehicles so that traffic is not excessively hindered. In addition, use wax crayon to mark the corners of the vehicles and the positions of wheels on the road. Moreover, take general and close-up photos of the accident scene, vehicles and skid marks. Prominent orientation points such as masts or manhole covers should be included in the picture. Only continue with your journey if brakes, steering, lights, tires and chassis function perfectly. Otherwise call the recovery or breakdown service.


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