Combustion and explosion characteristics of dusts

DEKRA determines relevant values for explosion protection measures

explostion protection

Knowledge of the combustion and explosion characteristics of combustible dusts is important for the safe handling of these substances. These characteristics are particularly relevant for:

  • Plant operators who have to select and assess explosion protection measures as part of their risk assessment according to Occupational Safety Regulations (explosion protection document).
  • Plant engineering companies and planners who have to define an explosion protection concept as part of their engineering.
  • Manufacturers of dusty products (bulk solids) who have to provide information on the risk of dust explosion risk according to the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances in safety data sheets under the section “Physical and chemical properties”.

The nature and scope of the determination of explosion characteristics are always based on the specific application case (plant, method, process conditions, organisational measures). The separation and enrichment processes of fine dust must be considered in particular in the process. Otherwise it may lead to incorrect estimates when assessing risks and explosion protection measures.

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