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DEKRA Info May 2018

Get prepared for the general inspection

Get prepared for the general inspection

DEKRA experts remind readers that motorists wanting to get their vehicle fit for the trip to the general inspection might be able to save some time and money on the follow-up inspection. Vehicle owners can, without too much trouble, check a lot themselves beforehand.

Here are the most important points to consider:

  • Turn up to the general inspection in a clean vehicle. A vehicle that has been washed beforehand facilitates the inspection.
  • Electrics and lights are frequently a cause for complaint at the general inspection. This is why you should check whether all lights and headlights on your vehicle are in working order. Lights can range from high and dipped beam to indicators and number plate lights and extend to brake lights and reversing lights.
  • Motorists can also easily find out for themselves whether the windshield wiper is defective, or if the horn doesn't work, or the tires are worn (the tread depth must be at least 1.6 millimeters) and if there is a warning triangle and first-aid kit on board of the car.
  • As far as documents for registered vehicles are concerned, you need the original of the registration certification Part I. In the event of a follow-up inspection, the inspection report from the first general inspection is also required; otherwise a complete general inspection would have to be carried out.
  • If the exhaust analysis was performed in a garage, say, for example as part of maintenance work, the exhaust analysis is also required. This analysis must have taken place within the last three months.
  • Take with you the corresponding reports concerning add-on parts, such as, for example, the trailer hitch or special wheels, if these are not already entered in the vehicle registration document.


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