2017 Sustainability Magazine published

DEKRA is in line with The Sustainability Code

DEKRA is in line with The Sustainability Code
  • Reporting according to international standards 
  • DEKRA is the 200th user of The Sustainability Code
  • 2017 Sustainability Magazine keeps DEKRA stakeholders informed 

DEKRA now officially complies with The Sustainability Code (DNK). The Sustainability Code office has confirmed this and recorded DEKRA as the 200th user in the group of companies that conform to the leading German sustainability standard.  

The Sustainability Code, or DNK, is an internationally recognized sustainability standard that provides a framework for reporting non-financial services. DNK approval documents that expert organization DEKRA provides customers, the public and other partners with credible information concerning its sustainability profile. DEKRA also takes part in the DNK mentoring program in order to introduce interested companies to this standard based on its own experience.

In parallel to the 2016 Annual Report, DEKRA has also published the 2017 Sustainability Magazine. It provides information on DEKRA’s focus and services in the areas of safety and sustainability. “For us, safety and sustainability are inextricably linked. This is because safety is a fundamental requirement for sustainable development,” explains Stefan Kölbl, Chairman of the Management Board of DEKRA e.V. and DEKRA SE.

DEKRA has a customized approach to sustainability management and focuses on the values of the company and the DNK’s criteria. DEKRA works systematically on making a contribution to sustainability along the entire value chain. The safety aspect, which is continuing to gain importance in an increasingly connected and complex environment, has a particularly significant influence. 

“The company demonstrates that it supports the sustainable development of society by encouraging safety through its services, expertise and social commitment,” says Ulrich Rothfuchs, head of the Legal division and in charge of sustainability management at DEKRA.

The 2017 DEKRA Sustainability Magazine can be downloaded here:

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