DEKRA: New standard for electric tools

Dust Emissions Under Control

Dust presents a serious risk to the health of electric tool users. DEKRA advises all employers and users to keep an eye on the dust emissions of hand-operated tools such as saws or grinding machines. A new test standard now provides a reliable method for doing this.

Test standard EN 50632 was created to establish a method for the reproducible measurement of dust formation when working with hand-operated motor-powered electric tools Tool users, usually tradesmen, are obliged to keep within different limit values for dust pollution when working, for example for wood or quartz dust. Various requirements specified in the Workplaces Ordinance, by the professional associations, in EU regulations or national provisions apply, most of which prescribe the use of dust extraction systems.

The measurements performed in a test laboratory give tool manufacturers, employers and tool users assurance that the limit values are observed when carrying out certain tasks – or that other protective measures may be necessary. An independent testing center provides evidence of conformity. In addition, the standard enables the dust emissions of different tools to be compared.

As an accredited body, DEKRA performs tests in accordance with EN 50632 in a 200 cubic meter testing room with high-precision test equipment. The DEKRA product testing laboratory in Dresden has specialized in testing hand-operated and stationary electric tools for many years.

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